Taxidermy Crating Services

Trust Our Packing Experts

Taxidermy requires a great deal of effort and attention to detail and often requires weeks to complete. When shipping a piece of taxidermy, it is imperative that it is properly crated and protected. Don’t jeopardize your trophy by going with a novice crating service, let our team of experts at Atlanta International Packaging and Crate prepare your items for shipping.

The following set us apart from other packing companies:

  • Every Crate to be built from HT Stamped Lumber: Don’t let your prize be ruined by moist wood or virulent pests that can travel in wood not treated with heat.
  • Vacuum Packaging: Your taxidermy will arrive at its new location looking just as pristine as when it was first put into the crate. Don’t let the road ruffle the feathers of your prize.
  • Immediate Crating for Expedited Shipping: When you want that showpiece to be displayed on your mantle before your guests arrive for dinner next week, you need a company that can deliver excellent results and quickly.

Don’t take a risk when you don’t need to. Call (678) 231-7343 for a free estimate on crating your impossible catch. At Atlanta International Packaging and Crate, we make the impossible, possible.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We Use HT Stamped Lumber
  • Every Board is Heat Treated
  • We Offer Vacuum Packaging
  • We Offer Onsite Custom Crating
  • We Have EU Pallets and Skid Design Available
  • We Can Facilitate Immediate Crating for Expedited Shipping