ATV, Motorcycle & Large Equipment Crating

Crating Services

Atlanta International Packaging and Crate has 35 years of experience crating and packing the most sensitive of highly-tuned machines. Whether it’s an ATV that needs to be shipped across the globe or a piece of industrial equipment that needs to be moved across town, our company will ensure your valued merchandise is safe and secured for shipment.

Our most popular items for packing in this category include:

  • ATVs: All-Terrain Vehicles, sometimes called four-by-fours or quads
  • Motorcycles: This includes dirt bikes and high precision racing vehicles
  • Large Equipment: These range from ovens to diesel engines to industrial manufacturing parts. No matter the size, we will help you determine the best packing option for your material.

Your equipment deserves to be moved with the care of a professional team. Call Atlanta International Packaging and Crate today for a free estimate at (678) 231-7343.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We Use HT Stamped Lumber
  • Every Board is Heat Treated
  • We Offer Vacuum Packaging
  • We Offer Onsite Custom Crating
  • We Have EU Pallets and Skid Design Available
  • We Can Facilitate Immediate Crating for Expedited Shipping