Expert Crating & Packing Services

The Southeast’s Premier Shipping Destination

At Atlanta International Packaging and Crate, we seek to provide an exceptional experience for our clients by offering a wide variety of services. With over 35 years in business, we know that in the packing and crating industry, quality service is vital, which is why we always go above and beyond for our clients.

Our primary services include:

  • Custom Packaging: Regardless of the size and shape of your items, our team of packaging experts can calculate the best way to crate your material and prepare it for shipping.
  • On-Site Crating: Is your item to large or fragile to be taken to our location? No problem! We will send the crating materials and professionals to you to build your customized solution on-site.
  • Container Loading: If your product is to be shipped and requires the use of containers, not only can we build the crates for maximum space efficiency, we will pack the container for you.
  • Plant Closing/Large Project: In the case of a bankruptcy or other major event for an industrial company, how to store the manufacturing equipment can become a major concern. We have developed reliable techniques for making these projects painless.
  • Heat Treated Creates: Our bark free crates are ideal for shipping to foreign destinations, such as China and East Asia. Each and every board of these crates is heat treated.
  • ATV, Motorcycle, and Large Equipment Crating: Vehicular transport can be especially sensitive as crating can affect the quality and effectiveness of the machine at the final destination. Trust our experts to properly secure your vehicle!
  • Taxidermy: Often requiring temperature regulation and an especially delicate shipping environment, we have turned the crating of taxidermy into a science and can ensure your property is safely transported.
  • Commercial Crating: Large scale crating can be accomplished in one of our several locations or on-site with the client, depending on the solution that fits best with the situation.

To schedule a free estimate for our packing services, please call us at (678) 231-7343 .

What Sets Us Apart?

  • We Use HT Stamped Lumber
  • Every Board is Heat Treated
  • We Offer Vacuum Packaging
  • We Offer Onsite Custom Crating
  • We Have EU Pallets and Skid Design Available
  • We Can Facilitate Immediate Crating for Expedited Shipping